The “Unh Cats Cache” are Different from Other Universities

The University of New Hampshire has many unique features that are not available at other universities. These are five things that make Unh Cats Cache stand out from other universities in the country.

Unh Cats Cache.

Unh Cats Cache is a unique system that stores cats’ caches. Students can deposit money on their student IDs under “cats cache” to be able to use it at Dunkin Donuts, the bookstore, or other places around campus such as Hannaford Market. It’s convenient and useful when you lose your wallet or are hungry at DHOP.

Main Street.

There are few universities that have Main Streets with conveniences and shops for students. Main St. is a great place for friends to meet up on weekends and to shop for necessities when you are away from home. Many Main Street stores will also accept cat’s cache!

The Discovery Program of Unh Cats Cache.

This might be great for some students but not for all. UNH’s discovery program requires that students take 8-10 general education courses across a variety of subjects. These courses are required to graduate but make it a lot more fun to receive your general education credits.

The campus is huge.

UNH is one of the largest campuses in the United States. It is difficult to get anywhere, especially in the colder months. Friends visiting from other universities will comment on the size of our campus and how much walking is required. Image result for the unh campus

The fanbase at sporting events.

The Unh Cats Cache Pack is unique among university fanbases. Students from other universities will be amazed at how UNH students love to support their school with their rehearsed chants and posters that make every game.

The Ultimate Guide to Eating at Unh Cats Cache

It’s easy to eat at UNH. There are some tips that will make eating easier and more enjoyable. This is the guide you need to make sure your snack or meal at UNH is delicious.

Before we get into the good stuff (i.e. Before we get into the goodies (i.e. If you live off-campus, or in an apartment on campus, these meal plans are not recommended. Instead, you can pay 50 swipes for the first time and see if you need more.

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan is not worth it. I know this because I did it freshman year and left with more non-refundable dining dollars than I knew what to do. All meal plans come with unlimited swipes to the dining halls. I don’t think it is worth the extra cost.

Campus Plan

If you are looking to spend more because you have guests or spend $200 per semester on dining, the campus plan might be an option. This “in-between” meal plan has one benefit: you can use more guest swipes, have more meals to eat and exchange more meals.

Core Plan

Core plan is the most basic of the three options and offers the best value for money. The Core plan includes unlimited meals in the dining rooms, just like the Campus and Premier plans. That’s the whole point of a meal program, right? The downside is that you can only have two guests per meal, which can make it difficult if you have many friends coming to the dining halls.

Holloway Commons

Hoco is the largest and busiest restaurant in the area. They offer a variety of special foods and nightly deals that you won’t want miss. Its convenient location at Unh Cats Cache and open hours mean that there is no better time than any other day to grab a bite to eat. My favorites are Monday night sushi, Tuesday evening build-yourself spring roll, and Saturday morning egg scramble at the stir-fry station.


Even though Stillings is the smallest dining hall, it shouldn’t be ranked below any other. It should actually be ranked first (or so would anyone who has ever lived in Stoke, Jessie Doe or Adams Tower). Although the menu isn’t as varied as Hoco, you can still count on French fries, hot dogs and burgers. These are the staples UNH freshmen eat. For the savory bread bowl soup buffet on Friday afternoons, and the spicy buffalo chicken on Mondays, stop by UNH on Mondays. On Sunday, they will reopen for a chicken wings dinner.