Loose “Dog Attack Cats” captured

LeHigh Acres: On camera, killing cat

LEHIGH ACRES We are told by a man from LeHigh Acres that two of his cats were killed by Pit Bulls. His Ring doorbell camera captured the entire incident. The video shows Terry Sorenson’s dogs entering Terry Sorenson’s porch, without collars. The Dog Attack Cats spot the cat, and chase it down.

Sorenson said, “I saw those Pit Bulls attacking the kitty like this, it drove me crazy.”

  • Sorenson claimed that he chased away the Dog Attack Cats before checking on his cat.
  • Sorenson said, “Came back, and I saw, I saw him breathing still, so I had to put it down because it was too terrible.”
  • Sorenson called Lee County Sheriff’s Office but he believes that the dogs are still loose. He is concerned for the safety of his cats, as he has many.
  • Two weeks ago, his dogs attacked another cat and caused significant damage to his vehicle trying to reach it.
  • We also spoke with Stacie Mohon who volunteers at the shelter. She also said that she is concerned about the dogs.

Mohon stated, “This only sets the whole fight against the Pit Bull image back.”

Mohon stated that if the dogs were caught, it might be possible to save them.

“30 second videos of dogs attacking other dogs do not reveal their temperament. It shows their prey drive. Mohon said that dogs with strong prey drives should not be put down.

Sorenson still wants to protect his cats, but he believes the dogs should be put down.

They can’t be rehabilitated. They taste blood once they have tasted it. They should ban them from Lee County. Sorenson said, “I’m sorry to outlaw them.”

Sorenson told us that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office had been to his property three times for Dog Attack Cats issues, but that he still believes Lee County Domestic Animal Services have not paid him a visit.

He hopes to hear soon that the dogs who are left behind have been captured.

Terry Sorenson was at the corner at Karen Avenue South and 32nd Street SW when the latest incident occurred. Sorenson’s wife, Sorenson, heard the noise on Sorenson’s front porch at around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

  • His Ring doorbell recorded the attack of pit bulls on one of his cats.
  • Sorenson stated, “I can’t even see that video hardly.” “Fortunately it stopped at that moment.”
  • It is harrowing to see Sorenson, a feline lover for a lifetime, do this. The video does not show the Lehigh Acres man running after the Dog Attack Cats.

Sorenson said, “I grabbed my walking stick and my machete and ran after them.”

How can I stop dog attacking cats?

Some dogs and cats get along well with others. Your dog may chase your cat and attempt to attack it in some cases. Behavior modification can be done if your dog is aggressive towards your cat.

You should keep your cat and dog in separate rooms. Each animal should have water, food, and a litter box. You should arrange the spaces so each animal feels at home.

You can teach your dog basic obedience commands to keep him from getting into trouble with the cat. You can teach your dog the basic commands “Sit,” “Stay” and “Leave It” If you need help, consult a trainer and start to train the commands in situations that are distracting. A professional certified dog trainer can also help you evaluate your dog’s behavior, and offer suggestions for managing a dog that has a high prey drive. Dog Attack Cats can be enrolled in obedience classes to help them learn good manners.

Your dog should be exercised daily by taking a walk, jogging, and playing fetch or hide-and seek. Dogs who are bored or frustrated in their homes all day can become depressed and even aggressive. Puzzle toys with delicious dog treats will keep your dog busy throughout the day. An exhausted dog is less likely to attack or chase your cat.

Over time, reintroduce the animals to one another. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. For a few days let them sniff each other’s smells. Watch out for signs of aggression such as growling, snapping, or snarling. When your Dog Attack Cats is calm and your cat has closed the door, you can prop the door open a little with a heavy object, such as a paperweight, so the animals can see each other but not get in.