What is “Loxodon”?

Loxodon, a humanoid elephant that is native to Ravnica, are Loxodon. These elephants, who are 7 feet tall, value wisdom and peace above all else and don’t expect to live past 60 years of age, are the last of their kind.

Loxodons are Loyal and fearsome

Loxodons are loyal and fearsome, but they can also be very fearful when their friends or family are threatened. They are strong and large, but they can also be skilled craftsmen, especially in stonework.

Although most Loxodon are members the Selesnya conclave, some Loxodon have been known to join both the Azorius Senate and the Orzhov Syndicate.

  • Loxodon is a playable race that can be found in the Guild Master’s Guide to Ravnica.
  • Loxodon Traits
  • Ability Score Increase: +2 CON, +1 WIS are only available for select builds.

Age: Loxodon is approximately 450 years old, which is longer than the average lifespan of most D&D 5e playable races. If they are affected by it, aging magic will not be as devastating to them.

  • Size: Medium is the average size for most races and it is neither good or bad.
  • Speed: Loxodon can walk at 30 feet per hour.

Powerful Build: While not everyone has to carry a certain amount of weight, Powerful build can allow you to have some fun if you’re a hoarder. It is much more exciting to be able to lift, push, or drag additional weight. This is what is most likely to happen in a campaign.

Loxodon Serenity

Loxodon Serenity – Charmed and Frightened can be annoying when you’re hit by them. The chances of success are higher if you have the advantage of saving throws.

Natural Armor: Natural armor is great for those who don’t have any armor or who are having trouble pumping their AC. Natural Armor shields can be used to increase your AC score.

Trunk: A trunk can open up many creative possibilities and allow you to do funny things, provided your DM allows. In the right syracuse craigslist conditions, simple tasks such as using the trunk to snorkel or moving light objects can prove very useful.

Keen Smell is a great trait when a check relies upon smell. However, this is highly situational.

What Classes Are Compatible With Loxodon?

No matter what class you play, Powerful Build, Loxodon Serenity and Trunk are very useful traits. Natural Armor is useful for building squishier structures. The Loxodon does not offer any other options unless you have a build that requires WIS.

Artificer: To be effective, artificers must have INT

Barbarian: Barbarians have unarmored defense, which is better that Natural Armor (the effects don’t stack). To be the best Barbarians, they need to have a STR bonus. However, at least the Loxodon has CON. Although this build isn’t very powerful, Trunk, Serenity and Powerful Build are enough to make it possible.

Bard: Natural Armor allows Bards to get away with a low DEX score, so they can concentrate on their CHA. CON helps with survivability.