History of the “Ram Horns” Sculpture

Ram Horns sculpture was installed on The Commons Plaza’s steps in 2009. It is called Ramifications and consists of two 14-foot-tall, bronze spiraling cylinders that weigh approximately 3,500 pounds.

Groot Foundation Grant ram Horns

Timothy Blum, a 1992 VCU Master of Fine Arts Graduate, designed and made the sculpture. Blum was awarded the Jacob Javits Fellowship craigslist chattanooga and the Virginia Groot Foundation Grant ram horns. He also received the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant. He was a professor at the California College of Arts and Crafts, the Maryland Institute College of Art and Hongik University in South Korea. This page provides an overview of the work of Mr. Blum.

Timothy Blum died in 2013. Barry Kostrinsky, a writer, reported that Timothy Blum, who lived in South Korea at the moment, had died in 2013. According to Mr. Kistrinsky, Mr. Blum was proud of his VCU sculpture program. He said that Mr. Blum was interested in “sleep, dreams, and the line between reality and imagination.”

Blum was a VCU student when he first saw the sculpture. Blum had fond memories of travelling the country with his family. He enjoyed seeing the large-than-life tourist attractions sculptures such as the Iowa giant frying pan, numerous Paul Bunyan statues and the North Dakota cow that stands 48 feet tall.

They provided photo opportunities that were unique, so Blum envisioned a large-scale replica for VCU’s campus. Blum was also fascinated by the history of the horns, particularly as a magic weapon and noisemaker. VCU is well-known for its energy, creativity, and artistic expression. This Ram Horns sculpture is a more lifelike mascot sculpture than you would find on a university campus. It embodies VCU’s unique spirit.

A plaque was placed at the base and foundation of The Ram Horn sculpture in 2011. The plaque contains the Ram Horns title, Ramifications and these instructions: “Speak to the hands and you will be heard.” You could initially blow into the order to make a triumphant sound, but eventually the hole was filled so that the horns no longer function as sound-making instruments.

Kelli Lemon, Director for New Student Programs, was a VCU graduate and had the idea of making The VCU tradition a few years after their installation. Ms. Lemon suggested that the Ram Horn wish tradition be adopted.

The VCU student orientation tour guides encourage students to touch the during VCU’s new student orientation tours. They also wish for great things to happen during their time here.

Many students believe that you shouldn’t touch the Ram Horns more than three times while at VCU.

  • During orientation
  • You will receive your VCU class rings
  • You graduate from VCU

Selfies by The Ram Horns

As Timothy Blum’s sculpture suggests, you will almost daily see VCU students taking selfies at The Ram Horns Plaza. Students stand approximately 30 feet away from the Ram Horns Sculpture, and sometimes even stand on their toes in order to get the perfect photo. It looks as if the Ram Horns are attached at your head by standing in the perfect spot for a selfie!