Tips for summer pet care

Summer can be a great time to spend time outdoors with your pets. You need to be careful when temperatures rise. It doesn’t matter if you take your pet on a walk outside, or to the car, but it is crucial to ensure that they are safe and healthy. The Revolution Plus for cats best price is available at World Pet Express, and it’s the same to Revolution Plus for dogs too. Give your pet the top full-spectrum parasite prevention.

These are some tips to help you take care of your pet this summer.

These symptoms can be a sign of heatwaves during summer.

Pets can experience excessive panting and increased heartbeat during a heatwave. If your pet is kept outside, ensure they have shade, or move them indoors. Let them cool off in a dry, cool place and drink lots of water.

Do not leave your pet unattended in the car

Avoid keeping your pet inside a car that is too closed as this can cause heatstroke and death. A car’s temperature can rise to 40°C in 10 minutes. It can also reach 120°C if it is left in direct sunlight. Even if it seems like it will take only a few minutes it is not. When you get out of the car, take your pet with you.

Eliminate parasites

Protect your pet from lice, fleas, and ticks. The most active months for ticks are March through mid-May, and August through November. Ticks can be active at any temperature above freezing point. Anti-tick spray is an excellent option as it kills ticks and eliminates the pain of scratching.

Keep your pet’s feet cool

Asphalt and metal surfaces can heat up when the sun shines. Concrete slabs, such as those used to make a pavement, are directly exposed the sun. Concrete stores heat and releases it slowly. Concrete traps heat and can become very hot, which can cause paw burns for your pet. Hot asphalt can burn your pet’s paws and can increase body temperature, which can lead to overheating. Keep their paws dry and clean.

Grooming your pet

After getting out of the shower, do you feel clean and fresh? It’s the same for your pet. Grooming is basic and includes brushing the fur and trimming nails. Pet massages are a common part of grooming. A cool haircut is also a good idea for summer. Your pet’s coat is naturally designed to keep them cool in summer and warm during winter. You are interfering in their natural temperature regulation by shaving your pet’s hair. Regular grooming is important for pets to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pay attention to your pet’s weight

Many pets gain a few pounds during winter. Summer is a great time to get your pet in shape and increase their exercise. Walk your pet in the morning and evening. You and your pet will both feel more relaxed and calm if you go for walks during this time.

Select the best accessories and products for your pet

In summer, it is a good idea to avoid covering your pet with hoodies and doggie tees. Their coats should be free to breathe, except when you take them on a walk outside and it is slightly sunny. Remove the collar and harness, then let them go for a while without being tied. Check the collars for fleas and ticks. Look for shampoos with healing ingredients such as aloe vera or anti-tick properties like tea-tree oil. Also keep a wound healing spray and an anti-tick spray at home.

Important to have a summer vet visit

Your vet should be notified if your pet is showing signs of excessive drooling, panting, or dehydration. You should call your vet immediately if your pet shows signs of fever or vomiting. Tick fever can be a serious condition if the ticks are not treated. It can be stressful to travel with your pet in heat. Check with your vet to see if they are able do a home visit.