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Pet Supermarket and the US War Dogs Association are partners in an annual fundraiser

Pet Supermarket, a premium pet shop with more than 200 locations across the Southeast U.S.A, and the United States War Dogs Association have partnered for the sixth annual in store fundraiser to support military dogs.

Pet Supermarket will sell themed pet bandanas at $5 each and donate 100 percent of all proceeds to the U.S. War Dogs Association. This annual fundraiser has helped Pet Supermarket raise more than $1million for the organization since 2016.

“This fundraiser is one way we show our gratitude to the four-legged heroes who serve and protect our nation,” stated Nicol dog sling Russell, Pet Supermarket’s vice president of store operations. “We are delighted to support an organization dedicated to honoring U.S. military working dog service and sacrifice.”

The U.S. War Dogs Association will use donations to support a range of programs and caretaking needs, including the purchase of goggles and cooling vests to protect dogs on active duty, the securement and transporting of veteran dogs back to America after their service. They also help veteran dogs find permanent homes and ensure that the fallen canine soldiers are appropriately remembered.

“The Military Working Dogs program was the focus of my entire 20-year military service career. Chris Willingham, president and CEO of The United States War Dogs Association, said that he knows firsthand how important donations and support from the community can make a difference in the lives of these canine military personnel.

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The United States War Dogs Association, Inc., is a non-profit organization made up of ex-military dog handlers and their supporting members. It aims to promote the long history and importance of Military Service Dogs, to establish permanent War Dog Memorials, and to educate the public about the valuable dog chain service these canines rendered to the United States.