Battle Pet Way of the “Ninja Cats” Guide

Battle Cats hosts a special event called Ninja Awakens. It takes place every month on the 17th or 18th of each month during specific time windows. This is where players will be matched against agile Ninja Cats. This guide contains tips, tricks, spawns and strategies for the Battle Cats’ Way of the Ninja.

Way of the Ninja Cats (Veteran Guide)

Way of the Ninja Cats (Veteran) is the first stage of Ninja awakens. This stage is only the beginning, and it can be quite brutal if you aren’t prepared. The boss of the stage, a Flying Ninja Cat and a Doge will be your enemies.

You will want to bring anti-floating Cats with you for Way of the Ninja (Veteran). Some suggestions include Cameraman Cat and Necro-Dancer Cat as well as Sadako Cat. Because they have the ability to nullify floating abilities, Sadako Cats are particularly effective against floating enemies.

While the Doge is not a problem, the Flying Ninja Cats  can deal massive damage with its normal attack and has incredible health. If left unchecked, it can quickly destroy your army. Although this stage can be difficult, if you are prepared you should be able complete it. You have the chance to earn Ninja Cat’s True Form for your hard work.

Way of the Ninja Cats (Insane Guide)

The real test begins now! One Flying Ninja Cats  and one Doge will be the enemies that spawn. The Doge will be stronger this time. Two minutes after the Doge has gone down, another will spawn. After another two minutes, three more Doges will follow. The game will then return to the original Doge. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you’ll need to work quickly.

You will need a strategy for this stage. We started by sending out tanksy Cats such as Crazed Macho Cats and Crazed Wall Cats. After they have engaged the Doge, the Flying Ninja Cat will catch them up and you can bring out your tough hitters such as Vengeful Cat and Necromancer Cat.

You can lock down the Flying Ninja Cats  by having a lot Necromancers. The Necromancer has the ability to freeze floating enemies. While dealing damage to the Flying Ninja Cat and the Doges, keep the Flying Ninja Cat away. Keep them at bay as long as possible and then focus on the Flying Ninja Cat.

If you beat Way of the Ninja Insane, you will be guaranteed the Ninja Cat’s True Form. Congratulations!

Guide to the Battle Cats Ninja Cat Character Guide

The mercenaries of Feudal Japan, known as Shinobis and Ninjas, are often described as dangerous and covert masters in sabotage and assassination. The Battle Cats universe has the Ninja Cat, the most adorable and dangerous character. He appears after completing level 6. This character can be unlocked by spending 50 Cat Food.

Who is Ninja Cat, anyway?

Ninja Cat is the fastest summoning cost and has the fastest cooldown speed in The Battle Cats. Combining these two attributes make Ninja Cat a spam character that is great for defensive maneuvers. Ninja Cat can also perform rapid attacks that inflict multi-hit damage rates of up to two hits per hit. Ninja Cat can also be strong against red enemies. This is one of the best quirks of the game’s early stages.

Ninja Cat, like all the other characters in The Battle Cats roster has its own set weaknesses that complement the more powerful attributes. The most obvious is his reduced power, range and attack area to counter his agile attacks

You can unlock other forms of Ninja Cat by upgrading Ninja Cat. Ninja Cat will become a Ninja Frog Cat at level 10. To upgrade Ninja Frog Cat from Flying Ninja Cat to Flying Ninja Cat the player must complete two special stages known as Ninja Awakens.

Ninja Cat – How to Play, Tips & Tricks

A tutorial contains many important information that automatically begins with a first play. For those who haven’t read the tutorial or forgot to, or just want more information, you can find an extended tutorial with additional tips and advices.

First, the Ninja Cat is not under your control. He decides where he wants to go. There is no need to use WASD or arrows. You can’t jump or shoot directly. Ninja Cat follows a path and has very few opportunities to alter it.

Your goal is to destroy dinosaurs. To throw shurikens, type the letters found under them. You can see the word you have to type under the dinosuar and at the bottom. You’ll be able to see the points you have earned on a flying number after you kill.

Only correct letters should be typed when typing. It doesn’t matter what letter case you use, so ninja = NINJA. You don’t need to hit Enter to end a word.

  • Your health meter is located in the upper left corner.
  • You will find a score counter in the lower right corner.

There are very few rules. You get extra points for killing dinos:

In a row: Every time you kill another person in a short amount of time, your combo meter will increase. You get more points for a combo that is higher than the average. It is located in the lower right corner of your screen.


  • With a style: Fast and precise typing will be more pointa-flous than slow and sloppy
  • Katana kills at short distance and gives 30 points flat

You lose points if you make too many mistakes, or are slow (both in total word length and between letters). These warnings will be near the top.

You can select a new target by pressing backspace. This is very helpful when you are typing long sentences, but the dino may be far away. Or you’re writing star. Next, press backspace to choose a new target.