Wild Cats Den: List All Wild Cat Species

Introduction: Wild Cats Den Species

* Currently, 40 wild cats den species have been identified. They make up the Felidae family, which is one of many families within the Carnivora order.

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Around 30 million years ago, the first cats were born. The 41 cat species listed below, including the wild and domestic cats, are can cats eat pancakes thought to have been descended from an Asian common ancestor who lived between 11.6 million and 5.3 millions years ago.

* As research continues into cat classification, the exact number of cat species may change. Below is a list of wild cats den based on data from the IUCN Cat Specialist Group’s Revised taxonomy for the Felidae. This comprehensive study covers all wild cat species.

Cat Characteristics

Cats are able to retract their claws and have sharp teeth, strong jaws, sensitive hearing, night vision, and powerful jaws. They are agile and can sneak up on their prey, before pouncing.

Wild cat species are skilled climbers. They often enter trees to rest, hunt or seek refuge from predators.

Wild cats den are territorial and solitary animals. Only the lion, out of the 40 wild cat species is known to hunt in groups.

Wild Cats Den List Index

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African Golden Cat

Caracal aurata is the scientific name
Felinae are a subfamily
Africa is the location
Conservation status: Vulnerable
The African golden cat is found deep within the central African rainforests. This species is a close relative of the caracal serval cats against trump and is approximately twice as large as a domestic cat. The fur is light-colored and has faint spots.

African Wildcat

Felis lybica is the scientific name
Felinae are a subfamily
Asia, Africa
Conservation status: Unassessed
The African wildcat was once considered a subspecies Felis silvestris wildcat, but is now considered a distinct species. It is believed to have diverged around 173,000 years ago from its European counterpart.

This species is usually pale gray with faint stripes on the underside and a white color in general. It is smaller and has a shorter fur than the wildcat. The ears of the wildcat often have tiny tufts.