About the League Lucky Dog Racing

Lucky Dog Racing is a fantasy NASCAR picks team that tracks the entire Sprint Cup season. Our twelfth season will be in 2015. Red Zone Racing was originally our original name. However, we changed our website server and changed our name to Red Zone Racing after the 2004 season. The league was established in February 2004. It had its first test run March 28, and officially started with the SamSung/Radio Shack 500 April 4, 2004. The league began with 21 members, and it continues to grow. With a long waitinglist, the Cup series has evolved into an elite league of Lucky Dog Racing. Players begin in the Truck or Xfinity series before they wait for their chance to move on to the Cup series. The Cup series is limited to 47 players.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This site is not affiliated or endorsed with NASCAR or any other racing series. This league is a private, privately managed league that is only for entertainment purposes. Louis Demian, the league president is responsible for managing and owning the league.

This League: What’s so great about it?

  1. This league, unlike the other big leagues, is smaller and more intimate than the others. It allows for more fun and personal interaction for its members.
  2. Your own driver page will be created with your personal information, including stats and how you have fared in the league. Your page will include your custom-made car, where you can choose the sponsors.
  3. This league is dedicated to NASCAR but we also have satellite leagues for several other sports on Yahoo.
  4. This league keeps track of stats from race-to-race and season to season. Your weekly picks are recorded. They will include average driver points, driver wins, average finish, top 5’s and top 10’s, laps lead, poles, and the weekly standings.
  5. Cup members can now join multi-car teams, where their personal scores are credited to team standings points.
  6. A message board and chat area are available to members of the league to facilitate communication, news sharing, and opinions. Members are encouraged to post messages to the board. Our Facebook group allows members to communicate easily with one another.
  7. You can choose to play with a low membership fee or wager for larger amounts.
  8. If you can get in, consider yourself lucky! There are many people waiting on the list.

Please read the following to learn more about the rules and how the league operates.

Basic Operation Lucky Dog Racing

  1. You can choose from 5-6 NASCAR Cup Series drivers each week, with different salaries.
  2. Your salary cap is $200,000.00 and you can spend it on your drivers.
  3. Points are awarded for each race that your driver finishes. You will get all points that a NASCAR racer receives. Below is a breakdown of the Points.
  4. The points you earn from each race will affect your position in relation to other members. These points will be converted to a NASCAR scoring system and used to calculate your standings.
  5. If you place in the top 10, you will receive bonus team points. Points will be reduced if your finish is below the 10th. These points will be added as a team standing, but not for the driver standings.


Lucky Dog Racing charges a membership fee

To be eligible to participate in the Lucky Dog Racing Cup Series, a small annual membership fee is required. The cost to play for one year is $7.00. A 2 year block is also available at a reduced price of $10.00. To secure your spot next year, you must pay all fees if you are returning from the previous year. The membership fee is not required for any member who joins after the season begins. There will not be any refunds for members who leave or are removed during the season. If a member has paid for a 2-year block of membership, they will not be refunded for the second year. If the league management denies a member’s return for any reason, $3.00 will not be refunded. After you have paid, it’s time to get started ….

Multi-car teams

This format was introduced in the 2008 season. Lucky Dog Racing members have the option to play with their teammates in multi-car teams. They can also run their own single-car teams.

To create a team, a member must designate himself as the team owner if they wish to start a multi-car team. The owner chooses the name of his team and recruits teammates. This name will be used by all team members. The team leader has final say in all matters concerning his team. The initial leader can choose to delegate power to his team members once another member has joined the team. It is up to each individual. If a member has given up his power, the team leader must agree to transfer it back.

Recruitment members: A team may only have four members. After a team is established, the team owner can invite other members to join his team. Each member of a team is bound to a one-year contract. They are also locked in after the first race. Members cannot leave a team or join another one until they have been released from their contract. One member may choose to lead a single-car team, but it is forbidden to add additional teammates. A team owner must release a member from their contract before he allows them to join or create a multi-car team. The team owner can trade or release a member of their team without their consent. All team members must have the same car make.

Switching Teams: Only one member can switch to a multi-car team at a time during the season. A member who starts the season with a multi-car team may choose to quit that team at any time during the season. If they race in more than one race, they will still be under contract with their former owner. A member who is not registered in one race may be allowed to leave the team. The bonus points will be adjusted. They can join a team if they are a single-car team and then leave the team to race again as a single-car team. They wouldn’t be allowed to join a multi-car team. A member who starts the season with a multicar team can switch to another multi-car team immediately if they are released from their contract. They will not be allowed to race with another team if they leave the team.

Team Bonus Points: Each member of a team gets either positive or negative points for the week. (See more about team points below). These points will be added into the team standings. Unless they are released, the bonus points will not be lost if a member leaves a team.

Car #’s More information is available below. The team owners will own the number of cars. If a member joins the Cup series for the first time and chooses to start with a single car team then he/she will pick his/her number. The team owner will decide the number of the car if the member joins a multi-car team. If a member leaves a team, they cannot take their current number with him unless the owner gives permission.

Communication between teammates: It is important that team members communicate with each other to give each other pointers and help them in their respective races. Each member will get a better result if they receive more support. Members can either private message or email each other via the forum. A separate category has been created in the community forum for team discussion. There members can discuss their team, recruit new members, or just trash talk.


Each week, making picks

Each week …. you must pick 5 to 6 Cup drivers Lucky Dog Racing. You can’t go above $200,000 for drivers. Drivers are classified into four classes: A, B and C. For more information on driver salaries, see below. Your lineups that exceed the limit will be rejected. Your picks will be rejected if they exceed the limit. You will be informed and asked to amend them. The previous set will be used if this is your second set of picks for the week. There will not be any penalty. You can submit one set of picks, but you must not make any changes before the deadline. Last week’s set will be used. If you choose 6 drivers, and their salaries change for the race, the driver with lowest salary will be removed. If there are 5 drivers in a set, and the salaries exceed the cap, the driver earning the highest salary will switch to the highest-salaried driver to meet the cap.

A race entry list listing all drivers who are eligible to participate in the race will be available by Monday evening. usually links to the entry list. You can check it to find out if the driver that you are interested in picking is actually going to race. The picks made by each member will be posted after the deadline.

Driver classes & salaries

There are 4 different classes, each with different salaries. The owner’s points determine how the salaries are sorted. Class A is comprised of drivers who are in the top 16 and then the Playoffs. Class B is comprised of the next 25 drivers. Class C is made up of the last 10 drivers within the top 35. The drivers who are not in the top 35 make up Class D. Drivers in Class C and D will change frequently so it is worth checking if you plan to keep the same drivers for next year’s race. Salary re-alignments are when the salaries of drivers will change multiple times during the season. Based on current NASCAR standings, the salaries will be adjusted. Some drivers may move to different classes. If their salaries exceed the cap, you will need to change any drivers. The last year’s owner standings will determine the salary. Cup Champion will earn 50k, and the final driver of class A will make 39k. The drivers in B class start at 30k and finish at 21k. Drivers in the C class start at 16k, and end at 6k. All D class drivers start at 5k. Drivers who change rides during a season’s start will be able to inherit the owner points from the previous season.

Lucky Dog Racing: Changing drivers

If you wish, you can make changes each week. If your picks exceed the cap, you can keep the same drivers each week. All changes must be made before the weekend’s deadline (usually noon on the day of qualifying). You can change your pick anytime during the week up to the deadline.

Weekly Submission Form

Even if you don’t want to change drivers during the week, you still need to submit the weekly submission form. Just click the link that says “I’m not trading” and then submit the form. This will allow the league to keep track of lazy people who leave the league without notifying President. Click the 5 drivers you want to choose if you’re selecting new drivers. You can then write the rank of your drivers to determine the tiebreaker. The submission form cannot be modified for the next race until race entry forms are released. You should be aware that some of the drivers who participated in the previous race might not be returning for the next race.

Pick deadlines

Unless otherwise stated, the deadline for each race is at noon on the day of qualifying. Your drivers can be changed up to the deadline. You cannot change your picks after the deadline. Only the Daytona 500 is an exception. After qualifying for the Daytona 500 you can submit your picks, but not after the Duel races start. The pole sitter in the Daytona 500 does not receive any additional points, but the Duel winners each will get 3 extra points.