Majorca Shepherd Dog

Majorca Shepherd Dog Basics

You may be tempted to think the Majorca Shepherd Dog looks like a black German Shepherd Dog when you first see him. Although these two breeds don’t share much in common, they do have some physical similarities, such as their athletic build and thick coats. Although the Shepherd Dog is a Spanish-bred dog, it can also be used for farm work.

The Shepherd Dog is a courageous, strong your dog breed. Shepherd Dogs are a Spanish breed that was originally developed to shepherd cattle. They can also be used as a farm dog.

Majorca Shepherd Dog Origin

Majorca Shepherd Dogs are an ancient breed of dog that served as both a shepherd dog and a farm dog for hundreds of years. Although the exact origin of this breed is unknown, one theory suggests it may have arrived in the Balearic Islands after King James I of Aragon’s conquest. The Shepherd Dog breed was first developed through a selective breeding program in the 1970s. By 1980, the first breed standard had been established. The FCI accepted Shepherd Dog in 1982 as part of its Shepherd Dog group, but it has not been accepted by other groups or the AKC.


Although the exact origins of Shepherd Dog are not known, it is believed to have been an ancient breed that was used in Majorca and the Balearic Islands both as a shepherd dog and as a general-purpose farm dog.


Majorca Shepherd Dogs are large-breed dogs and should be fed high-quality commercial dog food. This breed is a medium-energy guard and shepherd dog breed. However, an active or working breed diet may be more suitable to his needs.

Shepherd Dogs are strong-willed and can work independently.


Majorca Shepherd was originally developed to be a shepherd dog and general-purpose farm dog. His independent nature and willful nature are a part of his breeding. These dogs are independent and need to be trained by you. Establish yourself as the leader of the household and then establish rules for your dog. Dogs with strong guarding instincts are protective and protective. Therefore, it is important to socialize your dog early so that they don’t become too protective of strangers. Although it is important to train and discipline your dog, punishing them is not recommended. This could lead to aggressive behavior in your dominant-willed dogs.


Shepherd Dogs are large-breed dogs that can reach heights of 24 to 28 inches and weight between 75 and 90 pounds at maturity.