Take Care of Your Pets during Fireworks Season

Fireworks are most common in autumn and winter, especially on Guy Fawkes Night or New Years Eve.

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You will be well aware as a pet owner that pets don’t like loud bangs. They become frightened and anxious in ways that aren’t possible to see during other seasons. You can try to calm their panic by taking a few simple steps. This will help you avoid being caught off guard when the first Catherine Wheel spins.

Caring for pets at home

You can walk your pet during daylight hours when there are no fireworks. You can plan your walk around the area after dark so that they don’t start at night.

If possible, avoid leaving pets alone. They will be more comfortable and safer if they have someone to look after them. Consider asking a relative, friend or neighbor to pet-sit your pets for a few hours if you are unable to.

Shut all windows and shut the curtains or blinds. This will drown out the sound and reduce the flashing of fireworks, which can sometimes be just as scary as the noise.

To keep things normal, turn on the radio or TV. You can also use the radio or TV to provide background noise to distract you.

Your home should be a safe place for your pet to snuggle. You can add extra bedding, but keep it out of the way of windows and doors.

You might consider blocking the catflap for a few more days after they go indoors. This will allow you to not worry about them if the fireworks start.

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Consider moving your pet indoors if they live outside. To muffle flashes and noises, cover the cage with blankets.

Do not punish animals for their behavior during fireworks. This will only make the situation worse. You can comfort them in the same way you would normally, but don’t make it unusual.

If you are worried that your cat or dog will be upset by fireworks, then consider anti-anxiety treatment. Kalm Aid Calming Tablets For Dogs and Cats can be used to calm and reduce stress. The Pet Remedy Natural De Stress and Calming Kit offers a variety of ways to help your pet manage their nerves.

Horse care

If you are aware that fireworks will be occurring, don’t ride. It’s not worth taking the chance that your horse will get scared.

To prevent your horse from being scared by flashing lights and noises, it is a good idea to place them in a stable overnight.

Stay with your horse until the fireworks end if possible. They will be much happier with your presence.

If you have horses, don’t allow anyone to set off fireworks on your fields.

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The Next Morning

Be sure to inspect your patio or garden the next day, and to be cautious on your next day’s walks. Stray firework debris may sometimes end up in a different place than their intended destination. These should not be allowed to your dog, but you can pick them up if they are still hot and take them to the trash. This will be a great help to other dog walkers.

Your vet may have additional suggestions if you are concerned about your pet’s reaction to fireworks. With our tips and some common sense, your pet will not be aware of fireworks outside and will feel safe and secure in their home.

What size coat should I buy for my dog?

It is getting darker in the evenings and temperatures will soon start to drop, which means that autumn and winter are rapidly approaching.

This is the time to get your dog a warm, waterproof coat that will make winter walks more enjoyable. The coat will help regulate their body temperature during colder days. Dogs come in many sizes and shapes, just like humans. This guide will help you measure your dog to ensure the perfect fit, just in time for changing seasons.

Measure your dog standing up. If they are sitting down, the measurements won’t be accurate. If your dog likes to fidget, you may need to ask someone for assistance.

Start measuring your dog’s neck from where their collar is. Then, take your tape measure and move it to their tail. Dog coat measurements are not standard. It is better to measure in centimetres or inches.

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After you have measured your dog’s body, you can compare it with the sizing chart of the coat brand you want to buy. Many companies will provide a sizing guide, since their sizes and fits might differ from other brands.