Your ultimate guide to the best “dog sling” carriers

If you’re looking to take your small to medium sized dog with you with easy when you travel, shop, hike, or just a casual walk outdoors, then read on for our review of the best dog sling carriers.

Not only does a sling carrier protect your dog in certain situations it also frees up your hands making it easier on you. Points to wild cats den note when choosing a dog sling: local climate, usage, size of your dog, strap size (for your height) and storage for your personal belongings.

Why a dog sling carrier?

There are multiple reasons to use a dog sling carrier, whether you’re in a hurry or just want to keep your dog comfortable. Here’s a few of them.

You’re on the go

One of the main benefits to having a small pet is that you can take them with you wherever you go. Whether you’re running errands, going to the office or simply hanging out at a local coffee shop, your pup can accompany you on your daily routine.

If you’re a small-pup owner, however, you know that your dog is eerily similar to a small child: after a few hours trotting around, they’ll want (or need) to be carried. An added benefit to a dog sling is the ability to keep your dog with you after they’re too tired to walk.


The benefits of spending more time with your pup are mutual: Your dog’s health is improved from time with you and your health is improved by time with your dog.

A Harvard Health study shows that having your canine pal with you lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and contributes to overall cardiovascular health. Having a dog sling enables you not only to keep your dog with you, but to keep them close. In fact, individuals that suffer from stress or anxiety report that having their pup in a sling has improved their overall quality of life.

Hands-free is the way to be

Every small dog owner has had to carry their dog, it’s inevitable. A dog sling offers the added functionality of keeping your hands free. This means you can take that call from mom, continue sipping your latte anthurium cats or fill your cart with goodies without having to worry about shifting your pup from arm to arm.

Dog sling carrier vs. other backpack carriers

There are a lot of different dog carrier products on the market today. With a quick search you’ll find an assortment of dog strollers, crates, trailers and a variety of small handbag-style carriers for you to choose from. So, why a sling?


Well for starters, let’s consider convenience. Have you ever had to deal with a stroller or a dog crate? A lot of the dog sling alternatives are big, bulky and require more preparation. If the goal is to get out of the house without too much consideration or hassle, a sling is for you.