Lots of Cats: Shedding How to Reduce

We know what it is like to be a cat owner who has had to replace too many vacuums. Cat Care of Vining’s is often asked how to stop your lots of cats from shedding too much. Unfortunately, shedding happens.

We offer grooming services for long-haired cats. Although we don’t recommend shaving long-haired cats for shedding reasons, many owners of long-haired cats opt to shave them down to avoid hairballs and matting.

There are many ways to reduce cat shedding. We are dedicating an entire blog to this topic!

6 Steps to Reduce Lots of Cats Shedding

Do you have a cat who sheds a lot? Except for those cats who have no hair, all cats shed. The amount depends on the length of the hair, the time of year, the health of the cat and the grooming habits. Your cat’s natural and healthy method of shedding is to remove old skin cells and hair follicles, and make room for new.

However, this doesn’t make vacuuming and sweeping any less enjoyable. A few simple actions can help prevent excessive shedding.

Brush, brush, brush. Brush your cat daily to help reduce the amount of shedding. Although cats are naturally self-groomers, they do benefit from being brushed regularly. You should choose the right brush or comb for your cats to avoid pulling or making it uncomfortable. Brushing reduces excess fur and strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.
Take into account the diet. Your pet’s diet can make their coat shine, healthy, and shed less than usual. You may experience some shedding due to nutritional deficiencies. Talk with your veterinarian to find out the best diet for your lots of cats.

Make sure your cat is well hydrated. Hydration can have an adverse effect on the function of the kidneys, and other vital organs in the body. It can also cause extra shedding. Make sure your cat is getting enough water and moisture to keep their coats and health great. You can add wet food to your cat’s dry kibble. Also, you might consider putting more than one water bowl around their home. Many cats enjoy running water so a water fountain dispenser may be an option.

When should you call the vet lots of cat?

If your cat sheds more or has other signs of illness such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Drinking more water than usual Insatiable appetite
  • Urinating other than the litter box More than usual
  • Insufficient self-grooming
  • A dull, untidy coat
  • Missing fur patches