Should You Consider Investing In Squirrel Traps For Animal Control?

Should You Consider Investing In Squirrel Traps For Animal Control?

While purchasing and using squirrel traps may seem like a great idea at first glance, you’ll quickly discover that traps only address part of the issue. Traps may help capture squirrels or other wild animals living in your attic, but they won’t prevent them from returning once released back into their natural environment.

Prevention and Inspection Methods

While we’ve stressed the significance of conducting thorough inspections and the advantages of comprehensive animal entrance prevention, many homeowners mistakenly believe that simply trapping squirrels and wildlife with caged-traps is sufficient.

For over 10 years, we’ve been called out to remove squirrels from the Toronto region (and beyond). Many homeowners who inquire why squirrels keep returning to their home or attic after being released after being trapped have asked this same question.

We understand your frustration at having to kill these small animals, but patching up holes around your home won’t solve the problem. In most cases, wild animals have the capacity to consume all materials that block their way in and often make multiple entries points – this is where we come in.

There’s also the issue of babies born to raccoons and squirrels.

Do-it-yourself work may lead to mothers being separated from their children, an issue associated with do-it-yourself work.

Home-made prevention methods often fail 95 percent of the time; however, if you’ve taken away a mother’s children in the process, not only have you committed an act of cruelty but you have also left your home vulnerable to destruction. Do you believe us?

Check out this article to discover what happened to a home’s roof when roofers made an error and locked a mother raccoon away from her young. They had to return on the same day to repair the damage as well as reconstruct it – you can watch video below of what transpired! Note that only two hours had passed since she was let back inside by the crew before destroying everything in her path and gaining access again.

It is important to remember that when it comes to infants, wildlife like squirrels and Raccoons will usually attempt to return home if they have been removed and trapped – often succeeding in doing so with considerable destruction in the process.