Some tips and tricks for “cooking fever cheats”

Cooking Fever Cheats

Cooking Fever Cheats, a mobile game that lets you play as both a chef and a restaurant owner, is free. You can go from a small fast-food joint to a large empire of virtual restaurants. We will share tips and tricks that can help you overcome the more difficult challenges and beat your friends at expansion and score.

Stay at the Fast Food Court until Level 5. Then, Boost the Bakery

Although it may seem odd at first glance, this level will give you a head start on the next level. You can also acquire valuable gems and coins by running through the Fast Food Court levels several times. Keep in mind that this level is a “Gem Trap” and you should avoid them. Level 17 will offer a 15-gem Hot Dog Machine and a burger and hot dog machine for 15 gems. You don’t need to earn the stars at each stage. However, those 15 gems can be used for future restaurants. Keep your gems, but upgrade with coins to this level. The Disco Ball will allow you to charge a higher rate.

These upgrades will not only be therapeutic in the process, but it will also make it easier to go around the bakery. Customers will be more likely to wait, and you will have more time to prepare several plates at once. This will increase your tips and income. As these are the most popular orders, it is important to have at least two Vanilla Cakes ready at the beginning of each level. There are two opportunities to achieve level 4 in the bakery: serving milkshakes only and coffee and making 5 milkshakes within 8 seconds. Both of these achievements will reward you with extra coin and XP, which can be very useful.

Get Daily Income and a Welcome Back to Your Advantage

Cooking Fever Cheats has a reward system that allows you to log in every day. This can help increase your playability. Clicking on the “Claim” button at the top right of the main screen will give you a small bonus of coins that may prove to be very useful in the long-term. You will also receive 2 gems every day if you log into the site for more than 7 consecutive days. Gems are the main resource that the game developer sells, so expect no large wins. Any one who claims they have a hack to get more gems should also be suspicious, especially if they give a link. This could be malware and should be avoided. These tips and tricks are safe and will not cause your account to be banned.